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Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the difference between using a flat heat pack (bag) and an Injureeze heat pack?

Injureeze heat packs are different to your usual heat packs, as they apply pressure to the affected area as well as staying secure thanks to the velcro straps or easy-tie handles. Injureeze heat packs are one of the only heat packs in the market that allow you to apply heat and continue moving without having to hold on to the heat pack

Finally, a work-friendly heat pack!

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If you have ever used a traditional heat pack, you would have noticed that you have to hold them in place or lay extremely still while they are being used. If you are sitting at a desk or moving around the workplace, you may find it difficult to keep the heat pack in place let alone on. Luckily it doesn't have to be this way anymore.

Injureeze and long term neck pain treatment

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Injureeze is one of the only heat pack designs that integrate both the application of heat and pressure simultaneously. The large size of the Trapeeze heat packs allow the entire neck area to be targeted and heated, whilst the weights in the front of the wrap allow the pack to stay put whilst on the neck. Too often large flat heat packs fall off when placed on or around the neck. Trapeeze heat packs stay firmly put on the neck and continue to heat and apply pressure whilst you get on with your day.